About Osom

mas que minimalismo,
somos transparencia

Nuestra misión es ofrecer el mejor café de especialidad, explorando sus sabores únicos y complementando con una carta saludable y bio, en un ambiente de diseño, ecléctico y sostenible. Construir una comunidad donde aprendemos, cambiamos, evolucionamos y vivimos libres de etiquetas.


We believe in the power of community – of coming together and supporting each other. We believe in inclusivity, and that diversity is what makes us stronger. We believe in creativity, and that the most Innovative Ideas come from the most unexpected places. We believe in sustainability, and that it’s our responsibility to leave the planet better than we round It. We believe in the power or specialty coffee and real food to fuel our bodies. minds and passions. And above all, we believe that everyone has a unique perspective and story to share, and we are committed to creating a space that is welcoming to all.

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Osom Coffee Atelier
Osom Coffee Cantine

running, coffee and brunch.
all welcome

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